Mentored Study

Forge your own path. Customize your MBA experience.

Experience a truly unique learning opportunity – one you craft yourself. Complement your MBA coursework with Mentored Study, an experiential learning elective course designed to build functional skills and sector-specific experience with the guidance of a mentor in a field of your interest.

What students say

“Being able to personalize my experiential learning at Fuqua to achieve my own professional goals was one of the main differentiators of my MBA experience.”

Grant Newlin, Daytime MBA ’20 (Read his blog here)

“I was able to apply my classroom knowledge to help businesses grow and make strategic decisions, which was a great, rewarding experience.”

Sandeep Panda, Daytime MBA ’21 (Check out the blog)

“Mentored Study made me understand my work style better by giving me a different environment, and, now that I noticed and could articulate why it was different, it made me more understanding of how to seek out gratifying professional experiences in the future. Basically, it deepened my capacity for professional self-reflection.”

Daniel McCullough, Daytime MBA ’18 (Read his takeaways)


Share your expertise with a curious student, preparing them for their next career move.